5/28/2022 Pool Opening Details


POOL IS OPEN!!! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER- Board of Directors!


As some people have pointed out on the community Facebook page, the pool water was looking cloudy as of Yesterday. There is concern if the pool will be open today, which is the traditional pool opening for Amherst Northpointe. First let me say that the Facebook page is NOT run or updated by the board of directors. This website and EMS vine portal (and various contacts at EMS) are your ways to get information about your association. That being said, Metropolitan Pools will be back out this morning to finish the chemical treatment. The schedule for applying chemicals was pushed back due to the need for acid wash (pictured in the post below) and other maintenance on the pool. Mike from Metro has assured he will be there this morning and the pool will be ready for use. If you have any further questions or concerns please email EPlanisek@EMSPM.com

Thank You and Have a great weekend!