Author: NorthPointe-Board

Pool Maintenance

Hello! Due to a now resolved issue with the pool equipment, the pool was closed yesterday for maintenance. The pool remains closed today as we work to make sure our new equipment is working correctly and producing clean water. The pool maintenance vendor was out this morning to balance some chemicals to help quickly resolve the issue. He will be back this afternoon to retest. We thank you for your patience and look forward to reopening the pool.

Thank You!

Front Entrance Work Moved

In order to coordinate all aspects of the project, the date of the front entrance project has been moved to August 5th. Please be aware the the exit lane will have speedbumps guarding a hose for the new sprinklers. Please be careful and move slowly over the speedbumps.

Thank You!

Discarded Items At the Pool


We have been noticing several discarded items and trash left at the pool. Please do the community a favor and clean up after yourself when using the pool. If we can not keep this area clean we may incur further cleaning expenses at the cost of the association in order to meet with the standards of the county/city as well as our own standards as a community.

Please keep the pool area clean so we can all enjoy our summer!

Pool Closed

Due to a chlorine issue, the pool is shut today. The pool maintenance company is coming to balance the chemicals. This situation will be corrected as quickly as possible, and could be corrected as soon as today. We will post to confirm re-opening.

Thank you for your patience.

Slight Delay On Landscaping-Open Meeting for Owners

Hello Northpointe!

The landscaping company due to the holiday, staffing, and weather has informed us that the front entrance work is now scheduled for between 7/14 and 7/19. Please be patient as we all look forward to the completion of this work.

Also there is a meeting, open to all owners, scheduled for 7/21/2022 at 6:30pm in the association clubhouse. Please feel free to join us. Here is a link to the Google Meet, if you would like to attend virtually.


5/28/2022 Pool Opening Details


POOL IS OPEN!!! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER- Board of Directors!


As some people have pointed out on the community Facebook page, the pool water was looking cloudy as of Yesterday. There is concern if the pool will be open today, which is the traditional pool opening for Amherst Northpointe. First let me say that the Facebook page is NOT run or updated by the board of directors. This website and EMS vine portal (and various contacts at EMS) are your ways to get information about your association. That being said, Metropolitan Pools will be back out this morning to finish the chemical treatment. The schedule for applying chemicals was pushed back due to the need for acid wash (pictured in the post below) and other maintenance on the pool. Mike from Metro has assured he will be there this morning and the pool will be ready for use. If you have any further questions or concerns please email

Thank You and Have a great weekend!

Summer Update

The above pictures show pressure washing of the clubhouse and surrounding concrete. You can also see the acid wash on the pool, making our pool look new again!

We encourage you to come out this summer and enjoy your pool and clubhouse! Clubhouse reservations are available! Check the website calendar for dates and times of private reservations. Please email for more details.