End of May updates

Hello everyone! We wanted to give you all a couple updates going into June.

Pool is looking like we will be able to be open Wednesday, but there is a small chance that it is delayed. You may have seen the pool was very green when it was opened a week ago. Continental promised us they would not close it green, but they in fact did. I will update you all Tuesday if this is delayed at all, but I spoke with our pool guy today who is confident it will be ready.

If you are new to the community, and have yet to receive your key card for the clubhouse, please reach out to Muncy.np.hoa@gmail.com

Please respect your neighbors this summer, and lets have an uneventful pool season. There is a maximum of 2 outside visitors per household. There is hand sanitizer, wipes, and Lysol spray placed throughout the facility.

Some great updates:

We will be officially getting a new front entrance sign! This is most likely a couple months out, but we have finalized a design, and signed a contract to have it installed. The company is currently working with the city to get the permit and everything else required. We will update you closer to the time of construction, but we are very excited to complete this project.

We also are in the process of scheduling a repair on the roof near the chimney that has been poorly repaired a few times with the previous management company, and now will be fixed correctly and will not leak like it is now.

Next, we will be having the clubhouse interior painted. The main room, kitchen, entrance, and main hallway will be painted in June.

Lastly, we will be allowing trash cans to stay out this upcoming trash day, as many in the development are taking advantage of a trash cleaning service offered by Tidy Trash Cans. If you are interested in signing up, you can do this very easily by contacting the owner directly at Matt@tidytrashcans.com or 440-207-0562. You will receive a discounted rate of $28 for one time cleaning of two cans (normally $60). You also have an option to sign up for a more regular service. Make sure you sign up before trash day, as they will not be able to add anyone same day.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Pool/Clubhouse/Gym Quick Update

Take a deep breath… let it out…SMILE. We made it!

June 2nd the pool, gym, and clubhouse (clubhouse rental bookings) will be open! We will be providing hand sanitizer and wipes throughout the facility. We will ask that you periodically wipe down the main gate, the door handles, and the facilities if you use them. Please respect and keep a distance between parties, and only 2 people allowed in the gym at any given time.

For those of you that do not know, the pool was completely renovated last season when it was closed. We are excited for everyone to see the new look! We have also realized an over $900 savings by outsourcing the pool work to Metropolitan pools, and not using Continental as our pool servicer.

There may be more details to follow, but we are excited to put last summer behind us and have a great summer of 2021!

If you have paid your dues, have a great weekend and a great summer (no need to read on)! 🙂

If you have not paid your dues….

If you have not paid your dues for 2021, you will not have access to the facilities, and you are putting a strain on our operating budget, let alone our ability to start any new projects. We need the remaining 10 or so households to pay. We will continue to charge late fees, (we allowed a one-time extension of March 1st this year) and will not waive them. If the two letters you received weren’t helpful enough, please email muncy.np.hoa@gmail.com, and he can show you how easy it is.

Meeting and Election Update

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather yesterday to be there for the annual elections meeting.

For those of you that did not make it, we are excited to announce that we have a few new faces on the board:

President– Jacob Muncy

Vice President– Andrew Kleutghen

Secretary– Kyle Waddell

Treasurer– Bill Bronson

Member at Large– Marc Vrbancic

Some of the highlights from yesterday mostly centered around the pool. We are very hopeful that after speaking with the Lorain County Health Department, we may see a decrease in restrictions (hopefully by Memorial Day) from the Governor’s office. If this happens, it will make it a lot easier for us to open the pool this season.

Another update that came from the representative from our lawfirm, is that there was a bill bassed in Sept of 2020 that grants civil immunity from COVID-19 related civil actions for the association as a nonprofit organization. This was one of the major roadblocks last year, along with making us hire a company to clean the bathrooms every two hours, deep clean them nightly, and hire a COVID manager to maintain distancing and capacity.

Everyone at the meeting was introduced to Joe Napier, our association manager with EMS. We are now fully transitioned to EMS, and you can use the portal for any of your contact needs! Use the support link below to go directly to the page.


This portal is the proper way to handle any issues you have. EMS has been very responsive. If this does not work, you can contact Jacob: muncy.np.hoa@gmail.com

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! Have a great weekend and HAPPY SPRING EVE!

March 18th meeting @6pm

Our annual meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, March 18 at 6 PM. Due to COVID restrictions this meeting will be taking place outdoors in the clubhouse parking lot.

We will provide an overview of the year from the HOA perspective, and will have a brief Q&A time. The Association’s attorney will also be present to assist with questions.

The primary purpose of this annual meeting is the election of Board Members for the HOA, this year there are 3 positions up for election (two term expirations, 1 resignation). Formal notice will come via USPS soon, and we hope to see everyone there.

Please bring your own chairs, and remember to bring masks, and social distance.

Management Company (EMS) update and Dues

Hello Everyone! Hope winter is treating you well!

We are almost officially transitioned to the new management company, as EMS has been working with Continental to get the last remaining pieces. We are also working on finalizing an updated 2021 budget, as the one provided from Continental contained a lot of inaccuracies, and was not satisfactory to the board and EMS.

This week everyone should be receiving updated information from EMS explaining the procedure to pay, and sharing the website portal information so we can begin using it to better the community!

The deadline for the yearly dues has been extended to March 1st due to the transition.

Here is a link to the website for homeowners where you can pay your dues (once you get your login info from EMS that should be in the mail this week).

We will be working on scheduling meetings, and we will update you along the way!

-Northpointe Board

New Management Company

As we get closer to the end of the year we wanted to update you on a project undertaken by the Homeowners Association over the past few months.

We recently notified our management company, Continental Management that we will be ending our relationship with them effective the end of this year and beginning to partner with Elite Management Services in 1/1/21.

This decision was a result of many conversations and a diligent search involving multiple firms and we feel that Elite Management will be a strong resource for the neighborhood. All firms had exploratory calls with the HOA, provided written proposals and had a final virtual presentation with the board. Aside from Elite Management’s robust customer service model, they have an industry leading technological platform to make communication and questions with them as simple as possible through their web based platform, and had the most competitive pricing following negotiation.

In the coming weeks you will receive a letter from Elite Management containing information about them as well as credentials for their website. Rest assured that any residents who have prepaid their 2021 dues will not be impacted by this switch and we will have a smooth transition.

We look forward to this new relationship and hope that this will make the HOA stronger and better than ever.

HOA Board.

Meeting this Thursday, July 9th

We are able to have an in person meeting this Thursday at the Clubhouse. It will start at 6:30pm. We welcome people to come to the meeting, but if you are able to, walk in order to reduce the number of cars as the meeting will be outside in the parking lot.

Masks are required

6 foot social distancing required

Bring your own seat, as none will be provided

There will be no sign in sheet

Pool and Gym Update

Dear Resident:

We hope that this finds you and your family healthy and enjoying the start to the summer months. As you may be aware, effective today with orders from the State of Ohio, pools and fitness centers can be opened for business, with significant restrictions.

After careful consideration and reviewing the restrictions with recommendations from our Homeowners Association Law Firm as well, the board has made the unanimous, but extremely difficult decision that we will have to keep our pool and fitness center closed until restrictions loosen.

The reasons for this decision are as follows:

-The fitness center would need to be deep cleaned on a nightly basis

-Occupancy at the fitness center would have to be capped at “one”, because we cannot move equipment to appropriately socially distance visitors

-Bathrooms must be cleaned and disinfected every two hours with the pool being open. It is not an option to close the bathrooms due to health code

-Physical barriers would have to be erected within the pool to ensure that all people stay six feet apart

-Gathering in groups of different households would not be permitted

-Pool chairs would have to be sanitized after each use

-A strict, maximum occupancy at the pool would have to be enforced

-A reservation system would have to be created to reserve time

The Association would have to hire employees to work at the pool as well as a cleaning service to provide the deep cleaning to the bathrooms as well as the fitness center in addition to purchasing and erecting physical barriers for the pools, which are expenses we have deemed cannot be sustained. We will be continuously reviewing any policy updates that would allow us to open these amenities as we know that they are a major reason many of us chose to live in this community.

We also know that people have inquired about having dues refunded because of closures. While the pool and fitness center are closed, dues go to much more than that, including but not limited to:

  • Security System for clubhouse
  • Fire Monitoring System for clubhouse
  • Landscaping and maintenance of common areas, including ditch
  • Snow Removal for clubhouse parking lot as well as common area sidewalks
  • Utilities for clubhouse
  • Pond treatments
  • Management Company expenses
  • Reserve Fund Allocation
  • Capital Projects (pool, major landscape work, clubhouse repairs)
  • Legal Fees
  • Trash removal
  • We are continually looking at other ways to enhance our neighborhood and appeal and protect / increase the values of our homes as much as possible

Because of this, we cannot allocate a percentage of the annual dues to be returned because of the closure the pool and fitness center as a part of a Government Order. 

We will advise of any status changes to these amenities as soon as possible.


Northpointe Homeowner’s Association Board