End of May updates

Hello everyone! We wanted to give you all a couple updates going into June.

Pool is looking like we will be able to be open Wednesday, but there is a small chance that it is delayed. You may have seen the pool was very green when it was opened a week ago. Continental promised us they would not close it green, but they in fact did. I will update you all Tuesday if this is delayed at all, but I spoke with our pool guy today who is confident it will be ready.

If you are new to the community, and have yet to receive your key card for the clubhouse, please reach out to Muncy.np.hoa@gmail.com

Please respect your neighbors this summer, and lets have an uneventful pool season. There is a maximum of 2 outside visitors per household. There is hand sanitizer, wipes, and Lysol spray placed throughout the facility.

Some great updates:

We will be officially getting a new front entrance sign! This is most likely a couple months out, but we have finalized a design, and signed a contract to have it installed. The company is currently working with the city to get the permit and everything else required. We will update you closer to the time of construction, but we are very excited to complete this project.

We also are in the process of scheduling a repair on the roof near the chimney that has been poorly repaired a few times with the previous management company, and now will be fixed correctly and will not leak like it is now.

Next, we will be having the clubhouse interior painted. The main room, kitchen, entrance, and main hallway will be painted in June.

Lastly, we will be allowing trash cans to stay out this upcoming trash day, as many in the development are taking advantage of a trash cleaning service offered by Tidy Trash Cans. If you are interested in signing up, you can do this very easily by contacting the owner directly at Matt@tidytrashcans.com or 440-207-0562. You will receive a discounted rate of $28 for one time cleaning of two cans (normally $60). You also have an option to sign up for a more regular service. Make sure you sign up before trash day, as they will not be able to add anyone same day.

Have a great Memorial Day!