Pool/Clubhouse/Gym Quick Update

Take a deep breath… let it out…SMILE. We made it!

June 2nd the pool, gym, and clubhouse (clubhouse rental bookings) will be open! We will be providing hand sanitizer and wipes throughout the facility. We will ask that you periodically wipe down the main gate, the door handles, and the facilities if you use them. Please respect and keep a distance between parties, and only 2 people allowed in the gym at any given time.

For those of you that do not know, the pool was completely renovated last season when it was closed. We are excited for everyone to see the new look! We have also realized an over $900 savings by outsourcing the pool work to Metropolitan pools, and not using Continental as our pool servicer.

There may be more details to follow, but we are excited to put last summer behind us and have a great summer of 2021!

If you have paid your dues, have a great weekend and a great summer (no need to read on)! 🙂

If you have not paid your dues….

If you have not paid your dues for 2021, you will not have access to the facilities, and you are putting a strain on our operating budget, let alone our ability to start any new projects. We need the remaining 10 or so households to pay. We will continue to charge late fees, (we allowed a one-time extension of March 1st this year) and will not waive them. If the two letters you received weren’t helpful enough, please email muncy.np.hoa@gmail.com, and he can show you how easy it is.