Management Company (EMS) update and Dues

Hello Everyone! Hope winter is treating you well!

We are almost officially transitioned to the new management company, as EMS has been working with Continental to get the last remaining pieces. We are also working on finalizing an updated 2021 budget, as the one provided from Continental contained a lot of inaccuracies, and was not satisfactory to the board and EMS.

This week everyone should be receiving updated information from EMS explaining the procedure to pay, and sharing the website portal information so we can begin using it to better the community!

The deadline for the yearly dues has been extended to March 1st due to the transition.

Here is a link to the website for homeowners where you can pay your dues (once you get your login info from EMS that should be in the mail this week).

We will be working on scheduling meetings, and we will update you along the way!

-Northpointe Board