Pool and Gym Update

Dear Resident:

We hope that this finds you and your family healthy and enjoying the start to the summer months. As you may be aware, effective today with orders from the State of Ohio, pools and fitness centers can be opened for business, with significant restrictions.

After careful consideration and reviewing the restrictions with recommendations from our Homeowners Association Law Firm as well, the board has made the unanimous, but extremely difficult decision that we will have to keep our pool and fitness center closed until restrictions loosen.

The reasons for this decision are as follows:

-The fitness center would need to be deep cleaned on a nightly basis

-Occupancy at the fitness center would have to be capped at “one”, because we cannot move equipment to appropriately socially distance visitors

-Bathrooms must be cleaned and disinfected every two hours with the pool being open. It is not an option to close the bathrooms due to health code

-Physical barriers would have to be erected within the pool to ensure that all people stay six feet apart

-Gathering in groups of different households would not be permitted

-Pool chairs would have to be sanitized after each use

-A strict, maximum occupancy at the pool would have to be enforced

-A reservation system would have to be created to reserve time

The Association would have to hire employees to work at the pool as well as a cleaning service to provide the deep cleaning to the bathrooms as well as the fitness center in addition to purchasing and erecting physical barriers for the pools, which are expenses we have deemed cannot be sustained. We will be continuously reviewing any policy updates that would allow us to open these amenities as we know that they are a major reason many of us chose to live in this community.

We also know that people have inquired about having dues refunded because of closures. While the pool and fitness center are closed, dues go to much more than that, including but not limited to:

  • Security System for clubhouse
  • Fire Monitoring System for clubhouse
  • Landscaping and maintenance of common areas, including ditch
  • Snow Removal for clubhouse parking lot as well as common area sidewalks
  • Utilities for clubhouse
  • Pond treatments
  • Management Company expenses
  • Reserve Fund Allocation
  • Capital Projects (pool, major landscape work, clubhouse repairs)
  • Legal Fees
  • Trash removal
  • We are continually looking at other ways to enhance our neighborhood and appeal and protect / increase the values of our homes as much as possible

Because of this, we cannot allocate a percentage of the annual dues to be returned because of the closure the pool and fitness center as a part of a Government Order. 

We will advise of any status changes to these amenities as soon as possible.


Northpointe Homeowner’s Association Board