Welcome to the New HOA Website!

The new board has so much great news to share with you and we are excited to announce the updated website as a place everyone in the community can go for updates and answers to all of their questions! In March 4 new board members volunteered to replace outgoing members, and the whole team has been very hard at work!

We want to thank John and Craig for all of the years they spent on the Board and making this community what it is today! This is not an easy task for anyone, and these guys did it for multiple terms.

For starters, we have an updated website!

This new updated website:

  • has direct contact to Molly and Carol from Continental, along with the president and the vice president (from the “contact us” link)
  • Has an updated board roster posted
  • Updated meeting minutes (you can see what has been discussed in the last three meetings)
  • See future meeting dates
  • Pay your HOA dues directly with the link!

We are open and listening to every idea you would like to see on the website!



We are getting the pool completely refinished, and we were able to negotiate a discounted job, with a discounted high efficiency pump (that will pay for itself and more) with one of the most reputable companies in the business, who also built the pool! This project is going to be finished by July 4th, but we are hoping to have it completed sometime in June (fingers crossed) with new tile, depth markers, and a complete refinish.

We are continually monitoring the current COVID situation, and are hopeful for an opening this year with the brand new pool!

To keep the good news rolling, we have created a newsletter that describes a lot of the previously mentioned, plus more stuff that we have worked on.


We hope to have everyone subscribe to communications on this website, as we will be posting updates often, and be easily reached for any issues and concerns you may have!

As you all know, the board donates their time to this, and we have spent a lot on all of this, from negotiations to website development and the newsletters and meetings.

We printed out newsletters on plain paper (from our homes), and will be walking around the neighborhood tomorrow (with gloves and masks) to put them on front doors, to save the association the cost of printing and mailing.

We are very excited about the new website, and want everyone to have a place to go to voice any concerns, and we would love some positive feedback as well (click the “contact us” link on the page!). There’s so much negative going on in the world today, let’s work together and make this community the best it can be!



Your Northpointe Board